David G. Hyatt
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Board A Gourd!

We believe that there are a number of people who would like to have and play a gourd banjo for a little while on a loaner basis. This provides a way to experience the magic of gourd banjos with a relatively small outlay of funds. We have conducted the Board A Gourd program since the summer of 2003 and have placed banjos with over 20 people. The program now includes one banjo in a permanent rotation, and images of this banjo are included below. If you would like to board this banjo then please read the terms and if you agree send us your complete contact information. We'll get back to you and establish your board. Also please contact us if you have a question.

D. Hyatt's Board A Gourd Banjo
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Neck - Pot
Neck Front
neck Back


1. I have constructed a reusable shipping container that will hold up to multiple shipping. You agree to use my container and pay for shipping to the next person at the designated time and that shipping must include insurance of $800. Shipping cost will probably run between $20 and $40. The shipment must be traceable. I will provide shipping labels. No shipping out of the continental United States. When the item is shipped, you must email me and the recipient with the tracking number.

2. You agree that you are being loaned the instrument and that you have responsibility for it while in your care. If you break the gourd, you must ship it back to me, and the fee for gourd replacement is $100. (That said, the gourds are pretty tough in enduring normal wear and tear.) If you break the neck, then you have bought the banjo at $800. I expect some normal wear and tear during the program and you do not need to be concerned with that.

3. You agree that should you hoard the gourd then your name will be used disparagingly in all matter of print and electronic form and this retribution will be swift and merciless. :-) (i.e. No procrastination)

4. The maximum time you may board the gourd will be 30 calendar days. Your time begins the day after the banjo is delivered.

5. Enrollment in the program is voluntary and you are responsible for your own health and safety while handling the banjo.


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